What is the difference between aToastmaster and an M.C.?

An M.C. (master of ceremonies) generally will make announcements only. Sometimes the wedding reception venue will offer you someone to be there on the day’ this person is often the duty manager of the venue. 

He or she will be there but will also be responsible for the running of the venue, not just your wedding reception! I will be there exclusively for you and your guests.

When should I book my Toastmaster?

Once you have booked your venue(s) you should contact the people you would like to work on the day – the best contractors get booked early. Toastmasterdorset offers a free meeting or phone call prior to booking to discuss your own special day.

Will a toastmaster look after children?

Your toastmaster will look after your wedding guests, children included, to guide them through the day. If you feel that younger guests will need to be ‘minded’ or kept entertained, you may wish to consider activity packs, the hire of a professional nanny/childminder or childrens’ entertainer. Toastmasterdorset can provide help with children at Weddings and other functions.

How do I choose the right toastmaster?

Like any of the service providers that you are selecting, you may choose to speak to several toastmasters before you make a decision.

You may then select the one that you feel will enable you to have the day you want, in the style you want and also the one that you instinctively feel will work with you really well.

Just take a look at the testimonials page to see what clients and venue staff say about Brian’s work.

Would you let an untrained contractor into your home? Toastmasterdorset is Trained to carry out his duties to the highest standard.

Why does a toastmaster wear a red jacket?

A Your toastmaster wears a red tailcoat, which was a symbol from the hunt.

The only place that this may not apply is for weddings in the City of London, where the hunt was not allowed to pass through.

So as with tradition, the red tailcoat is not usually worn for functions within the City of London.

You may feel that a toastmaster wearing a ceremonial red tailcoat and very shiny patent leather shoes with a smart white shirt and white bow tie will add a bit of splendour to your day. 

Toastmasterdorset will carry out your wishes and will wear either Red or Black Tailcoat.

If I don’t want a red jacket because I think it is too formal, would they wear anything else for me?

As a personal thing, I would want to look after my clients in the way that they want me to look after them.

If they want me to look after them on their wedding day and do not want me to wear the red tailcoat, I would be pleased to comply with their wishes.

Every Toastmaster would make their own decision about this topic, but generally when I am not wearing my red tailcoat, I am not then known as the Toastmaster.

However I would still work to an my highest standards and would want to look after my clients, as they would wish me to.

If you have any other questions please do ask me at our meeting when we discuss your Wedding or function.

Toastmasterdorset doesn’t know everything…

But he will know someone who does!